It’s a beautiful thing when a passion
      and a career come together.





















Talking about investments can be difficult because I have to attempt to put a price on something priceless – you guessed it, your story! Photos are the only way to hold on to what you know, because the moments they show never change, even when the people in them do.

You are not only investing in photographs for you, but preserving memories that will last and touch the hearts of generations to come.


A time to snuggle the one you love the most.  Whether you’re engaged or married for ten years, the Olivia Marie Couple experience is perfectly suited to celebrate you!

Packages starting at $400


This is your personal time to shine, laugh, and dance in front of my lens.  Inquire for details about the Olivia Marie Portrait experience! 

Packages starting at $400


It’s the beginning of your forever, standing by the side of your true love, and it is important to have each moment and emotion captured.  Inquire to learn more about the Olivia Marie Bride experience! 

Packages starting at  $3000

Packages starting at $300

Packages starting at $250

Packages starting at $2500