Hey there, I am Olivia Marie and I am stoked to make your acquaintance!

Thank you for taking your time to browse my corner of the web. Whether you are considering booking me, or you just want to become best friends and hang out together, you are probably wondering who I am when my face is not hidden behind a camera.   

I am a passionate person at my core, and 100% into everything I set my heart on, be it savoring my cup o’ coffee or capturing your big day. My personal life is closely intertwined with my business world, and when you book me, you become so much more than just another client. Your story, your laughter, your tears, your love becomes my passion, and capturing the essence of your soul sets my heart on fire. Photographs are return tickets for the fleeting moments of life. They help us relive fairytales and remember miracles; fall in love with hope and cry nostalgic tears. Each person is unique – the way their eyes sparkle, how their laughter ripples, the way their nose crinkles, or how they fiercely hug someone they love. You are beautiful, and your life adventure is what shapes you and your story. That’s what I am here to tell.  

I have a nomadic heart, and traveling is my therapy (*hint hint* don’t let location stop you from booking!) I am a dreamer, with a risk-taking, big-dreaming, sky-chasing heart. A lover of words and photographs. I like the smell of earth and crisp Autumn air, the touch of waves, the taste of mangos, the sight of gigantic mountains, and the feeling of being fully alive.  

If you’re on board with endless laughter, insatiable curiosity about you and your story, lots of snuggles and some ice cream or coffee to celebrate post-session, then you’ve totally come to the right place! I tell people’s stories because I love the people behind the stories, and I am pretty sure that we are long lost kindred spirits – so let’s chat!

Guess who just got married?

Abso-freakin-lutely!  I am so thrilled that I can finally connect with and serve my couples and brides better now that I have walked through the wedding planning process myself!  I’m here with lots of hugs, gallons of coffee, and a glass or two of wine 😉

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