2017 In Review & a Special Christmas Discount!

2017 was epic.
I met so many beautiful faces,
heard so many sweet stories,
and traveled to lots of amazing destinations.

Capturing weddings took me from Florida, to Vermont, to California, and everywhere in between.  I am SO blessed to have a job that I love and am passionate about!

THANK YOU to each and every one of my followers, clients and friends that supported me and cheered me on in 2017. You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to share 2018 with you!

When I wasn’t globetrotting, I was investing my time at home with my family and community …. that is, if I wasn’t on a plane headed for Georgia. 😉  My Sweetheart became my Fiance in November, and I can’t wait for my own wedding to roll around next year!

Engagement Photo credit to: Stephanie Brann Photography

All this engaged talk brings me to a very important point.  If you are newly engaged this holiday season, I’d like to welcome you to the “Engaged Club” with a warm hug and a special discount!

This offer expires on December 31st, so if you are interested in claiming your discount, hop on over to my contact page (link in button) to inquire about my package options! Mention code 


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The Clock is Ticking!








Have you been eyeing my work for a a while, but haven’t got the chance to introduce yourself yet? Hey there, and welcome!  I am so glad you stumbled across my little corner of the web where I share cute people and their beautiful stories.  You could be next, you know! 😉

Conner + Emily // Engagement Session, Burlington, NC

Conner and Emily.  They are a one of a kind, head-over-heels-in-love young couple and I could photograph them allllllll day long.  Between their jokes and laughter, starry eyes, and adorable love story …

Emily didn’t like Conner, 
Emily still didn’t like Conner, 
Emily was sure she would never like Conner, 
Conner was determined to make Emily like him, 
but Emily still didn’t like Conner …

Emily was okay with Conner, 
Emily started confiding in Conner, 
Emily decided Conner could be her friend, 
Emily determined that Conner would be her best friend …


They still debate over who said “I love you” first.  It was one of those hurried phone calls where they only had a few minutes to talk, and when they said their quick goodbyes, Conner swears Emily said “I love you” so he said it back.  Emily is sure that she only said “I miss you” and was shocked to hear Conner say “I love you” in return.

However, neither of them debate the fact that long distance relationships are hard. (I can attest to that!!!)  They wrote each other love letters every single day, even though Conner sometimes got in trouble for staying up late writing letters in the bathroom or under his covers.  Extra pushups didn’t deter him though! 😉

Conner and Emily brought some of their love letters to their engagement session and asked if we could incorporate them in some of the photographs.  I don’t think my fangirling was *obvious*, but it was intense. YES YES YES YES. Watching them crack up as they read mushy things they had written over the past year made my heart smile with joy.  Their love story is truly unique, and it has the goodness of God written all over it!

You know your clients are winners when they run – pun intended 😉 – with your wild ideas.

Even if that means falling into the thorn patch, and not letting that dampen the spirit of fun.

Real winners, you guys. <3

I often get asked if I encourage my couples to bring several outfit changes to their engagement session, and my answer is, “hands down, yes!”   I love it when my couples bring several of their favorite outfits.  You get several different looks and a varied gallery for such minimal effort, so what is there to lose?

Also.  Can we appreciate Conner’s humor? I had side stitches at times!

Would you just look at those adorable smiles!

Conner and Emily, you are true gems.  Thank you ever so much for your trust in me, and your sweet friendship.  Here’s to so many more memories, laughs, visits and years of celebration!!

Katie :: Bradenton, Florida // Portrait Photographer

This is Katie, otherwise known as Beach Babe.  I seriously couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous evening or model to explore Coquina Beach on the Bradenton gulf shoreline!  Looooooooove me some golden hour, warm tones, and hearty laughter!

Katie, thank you for sharing your evening and sweet spirit with me! I appreciate our new friendship, and I look forward to working together again in the future!

xoxo, Olivia Marie

Styled Shoot // Part One :: The White Sparrow, Quinlan, Texas

It was such a tremendous joy to organize and host a Styled Shoot at The White Sparrow.  Not only was this my first styled shoot, but it was also my first time shooting in Texas, and arranging details from 1,097 miles away was sometimes overwhelming and tricky.  (Thankfully, I’ve been back to the lonestar state since for photographic reasons and I’ve come to loooove the big, open sky!)
I was so glad to have Christy Anne helping me as we plotted and planned, shooting for the stars. (Pun recognized and intended. 😉 )  Sometimes, dreaming big and being an over-achiever can get me into trouble, but usually, it works in my advantage.  I love trying new things, and if it scares me, I will probably do it just to spite the fear inside of me.  This was a huge *first* for me, but definitely not a last!  I can’t wait to create some more magic with all of these amazing vendors!

 If you are a Dallas bride, you won’t want to miss these reccommendations!
Venue: The White Sparrow
MUA: Stephanie Nelson Makeup & Hair
Gown & Veil: Gowns of Grace
Florals: Fox and the Fleur
Decor: Party Crush Studio
Baked Goodies: The Rosemary Bakery
Calligraphy: Scribbles & Swirls


Stay tuned for part two! … *hint hint* … Full of GORGEOUS Bride & Groom Portraits!

Kris + Tiffany :: Dallas, Texas

These two look like newlyweds, but don’t be fooled! 

Let’s all face it … Kris and Tiffany are one of the most adorable married-for-eight-years-and-have-three-little-boys couple’s that you and I have ever seen.  If it wasn’t so cliche, I would definitely label them as “couple goals.”
I know that I am unable to talk from experience, but after witnessing my parents 28 years of wedded bliss, I also know that marriage is supposed to be fun.  Kris and Tiffany kept me laughing with their impeccable humor.  Well, actually, Kris was the one who kept making the jokes and dishing out the humor, while Tiffany and I laughed. 😉
 The way they related to each other was priceless, and I found myself once again so grateful for another beautiful example of Biblical marriage in my life.

I have decided that I am a huge – make that HUGE – fan of shooting at coffee shops.  And when I say “coffee shop”, I don’t mean your local Starbucks.  To be fair, I have spent many, many hours in Starbucks, editing and sipping my caramel macchiatos and that works quite well for a business woman.  But when I am shooting in a coffee shop, I look for the character and personality that only the locally owned, hometown coffee shops provide. Most of them smell amazing, and their vibe is perfect for my coffee-loving clients … and who am I kidding, me as well 😉

Speaking of personality, this coffee shop had enough charisma to pack a few punches.  When I pulled in, I noticed the string lights and ivy first.  I walked around the building, and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the old bus.  Even better, there was no rope or ‘keep out’ sign, HALLELUJAH. I immediately texted Tiffany and said,

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Kris and Tiffany had some good natured chuckles over my text, but when they pulled in, they too were blown away by all the cute options we had to work with!  And while I’m back home wishing I could be there shooting again, I am sure they will be visiting and smiling at each other over their coffee in my absence.  Totally understandable.  I’d be back in a hurry!

For those of you who ever visit Dallas, you should add Davis Street Espresso to your sightseeing list!

This photograph is one of my ultimate favorites.  Not only does the B&W make it feel so classy, but it also encapsulates all of my favorite things in life … laughter, love, tenderness, hearth + home, family, sunshine, and pure values.  Okay, maybe I am letting my imagination run a little, but I think J.R.R.Tolkien summed it up beautifully when he penned,
“If more of us valued food (read, coffee) and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

When Tiffany told me that their style was more hipster, and that they would love to have that kind of vibe in their session, I was over the moon excited. Their outfits were on fleek, and not only complimented each other, but their locations as well!

Never underestimate the power
of a black and white photograph.

It can turn just another beautiful photo, in a source
of tears, joy, and nostalgic memories for generations.

Upon seeing this cool wall, Kris immediately asked if we could stop and utilize his find.  I love their spontaneity.  They are by faaaaar one of the easiest couples I have ever worked with, and I could shoot their adorable faces every week.  Plus, they have three cute boys to boot, so we are working on getting them in front of my lens as well! I foresee another Dallas trip soon 😉

Kris and Tiffany, the pleasure is all mine.  Can’t wait to meet again, and talk oils, health, coffee, little boys, and all things love stories! Thank you for your friendship – you guys are one in a million!

XOXO, Olivia Marie