Conrad and Rachel are definitely kindred spirits.┬á The first time I met them, I kind of accidentally invited myself to Rachel’s parents house … well wait, let me start this story at the beginning. ­čśë

Last summer, I was visiting California to assist a friend with a wedding, and I found myself with two extra days, so I decided to look around and see who I could find in the Bay Area that would let me crash with them for a┬á few days and explore San Francisco.┬á It just so happened that Rachel’s sister-in-law, Taylor, was in the same online ministry group as me.┬á I had never met her, but I figured that if she loved Jesus she was probably safe to be-friend, so I messaged her and asked if it would be okay to stay with her and her husband.

Taylor and her husband Michael didn’t have a spare room, so they offered to let me stay with Rachel’s parents, who lived in the apartment above them. ┬á Rachel’s parents made me feel right at home, playing board games together late into the evening and sharing their snacks with me.┬á During the two days I had there, Michael and Taylor invited Rachel, and her then boyfriend Conrad, to join us, and together we explored the West Coast, the Golden Gate Bridge, the official Ghirardelli store, Pier 39, and countless other places. Needless to say, we had a blast and I was so glad for my new found CA friends!

I was also privileged to hear Conrad and Rachel’s cute love story over In-And-Out fries.┬á The perfect mix ­čśë

Less than a year later, I saw that Rachel + Conrad got engaged and I was over the moon excited for them …. and immensely honored that they asked me to shoot their wedding!

What a joy it was to head back to California and spend a weekend with their family and friends!! We picked up right where we left off, and even though there were a few mishaps leading up to the wedding day, the beginning of their marriage could not have been more perfect.
I love you two!!

Here are a few of my favorite photographs from their beautiful wedding! <3

While I took Conrad’s and Rachels portraits, their family and friends played a couple friendly rounds of poker.┬á The winner had bragging rights, and all the cash went to the newlyweds honeymoon fund!┬á I was in love with this fun idea that is a win-win for everyone involved! ­čśë


Ending the day with a prayer that included all of the guests.┬á I can’t think of a better way to start a new marriage!

Conrad + Rachel –

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! I am thrilled for you two, and so honored to have been a part of your big day.

With a smile,
Olivia Marie